Fibromyalgia has many symptoms – Our mission is to combat them all and get you back to living life to the fullest!

​​› Low Back Pain
› Sciatica
› Neck Pain

› Headaches And Migraines
› Roaming Body Pain
› Heel Pain And Plantar Fasciitis

› Chronic Fatigue
› Depression
› Irritable Bowel Syndrome [IBS]

Fibromyalgia flairs can stop you in your tracks. Acupuncture helps to combat all of the many symptoms without the typical side effects that other treatments can cause. It helps you to take back you life and enjoy the activities that you love.

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Treat Fibromyalgia with Acupuncture

In Our Patient’s Own Words

I had been dealing with multiple health problems and had bounced around to so many doctors who kept telling me they couldn’t find anything wrong. I was tired constantly, had multiple areas of pain throughout my body that seemed to flair at random, and was depressed. I got fed up with all of the doctors telling me all of my tests came back negative and there was no reason I felt this way. I found Dynamic Flow Acupuncture and came in for a consultation with Sarah. She really listened to my concerns and how it was affecting my life. She thought that acupuncture could help so I started treatment. In less than a month my life truly started to change. I had more energy, my pain was almost gone, and I was enjoying the activities I had always loved previously. After the initial round of treatment I felt like I had my life back again! I now go in for a maintenance treatment about once a month and am feeling great.  


Like so many other people who have fibromyalgia I have been to so many doctors trying to figure out what was wrong. I was fortunate to eventually find a physician who put all of the pieces together and diagnose me with fibromyalgia. Unfortunately Western medicine doesn’t have great solutions for fibromyalgia. We tried using antidepressants to treat it and while it helped some symptoms I ended up with more issues from the side effects that it caused. I did some research and found Dynamic Flow Acupuncture and decided to see if acupuncture would be helpful. Sarah had me coming in multiple times a week for treatment and in a few weeks I could really see improvement. My IBS calmed down dramatically and I finally had enough energy to do all of the activities I needed to in a day. As treatment continued my pain also decreased and became very manageable. After about 3 months of treatment my life was finally back to normal. I now see Sarah every 6 weeks to keep things under control and pain free. 


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