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Acupuncture can help with so many conditions it seems impossible. It helps the body fix itself and work the way it is intended to. From pain management for something that happened yesterday or 20+ years ago to autoimmune disorders to mental health and so many things other things acupuncture helps you regain control of your health and get back to enjoying life. 

Check out the dedicated condition pages for more specific information about specific internal medicine treatments. For more general detailed information on acupuncture in internal medicine keep reading here.

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While acupuncture is often associated with pain management, we partner with our patients provide a holistic approach to internal medicine which focuses on creating long-term wellness through disease treatment & prevention. For over 3,000 years, acupuncture has been used to activate self-healing mechanisms and return the body to health and homeostasis without downtime, medication or surgery. Our office provides continuous care to support lifetime wellness and treat both mild and complex diseases.

Recent research demonstrates that acupuncture can treat many common diseases by alleviating systemic inflammation, and lessening the symptoms of chronic and difficult-to-treat diseases like rheumatoid arthritis (Pesheva, 2020). Acupuncture is currently used to manage symptoms of various diseases, including endocrine and metabolic diseases,  neurological disorders, diseases of the circulatory system, and is also used as part of integrative cancer treatment to help manage side effects of treatment (Wang, 2023). 

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Treat Internal Conditions with Acupuncture

In Our Patient’s Own Words

I suffer from endometriosis and super painful periods. I started acupuncture in September of 2020 and have seen huge improvements in my cycle. It is shorter by 3 days and the pain levels are manageable and very mild!


– LC

I have struggled with debilitating stomach problems for years, and within 4 sessions of going have already found relief from a terrible flair up. Everyone is extremely friendly and helpful! They even have some amazing herbs that make a difference between sessions. I am so grateful to have found this place and love that it’s on the South side! Anyone struggling with stomach problems that medical doctors can’t find answers or solutions for should come here ASAP!

– MM

Want to learn more about the process?

Click to read a case study about treating chronic low back pain.


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