Neurological Disorders

 Neurological Disorders can stop you in your track. We can help you regain your control.

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Neurological disorders can have a significant impact on your life since they can affect the functioning of the brain, spinal cord, and nerves throughout the body. The effects of neurological disorders can be wide-ranging and debilitating. 

Acupuncture has been used as a treatment for neurological disorders for thousands of years in traditional Chinese medicine, and there is growing scientific evidence to support its effectiveness in treating certain conditions. Acupuncture helps to reduce inflammation in the brain, improve blood flow, and modulate the activity of certain neurotransmitters, which has beneficial effects on neurological conditions.

Acupuncture can not only help mitigate the side effects of neurological disorders, in some cases it can completely eliminate the debilitating effects and pain they cause in the body. Just because you have been diagnosed with a neurological disorder does not mean you have to stop in your tracks.

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Treat Neurological Disorders with Acupuncture

In Our Patients’ Own Words

I started acupuncture after a bad go with Covid that came with so many health concerns. TMJ, panic attacks, numbness in my limbs, migraines, etc. Once I started acupuncture all these things went away after a couple visits. I go back once a week to maintain feeing good. The staff is absolutely amazing and made me feel so comfortable and welcome. Thank you!

– CS

I have been going to Dynamic Flow Acupuncture for nearly a year for the treatment of a few physical conditions, one a vision condition and others with joint pain and headaches. I have noticed considerable improvement to these areas since being treated by Sarah Roell. She and her staff are very professional, as well as knowledgeable and personable. She spent time discussing my concerns, especially with my eyes. Sarah is thorough and compassionate with her acupuncture procedures. 

– SR

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